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Fluffy's Halloween Plans

October 15, 2021
Do you have plans for Halloween? Whether you’re going to a party or event, passing out candy, or settling in for a movie marathon, it seems like the autumn holiday will be here before we know it. As it turns out, our feline pals also have a few things lined up for Halloween. A Rockwall, TX veterinarian lists a few of them below. 
Naps Our feline friends are very, very dedicated to their beauty sleep regimens. No matter what day it is, your furball won’t deviate from her regular kitty schedule. Fluffy will somehow make time for her 32 daily naps. Exploring Bags Who says cats have expensive taste? Fluffy will be delighted if you bring her home a paper grocery bag, or perhaps a cardboard box. However, if her bag has handles, cut them first, so she can’t get entangled. Strike A Pose Cats are always cute. This is a great time to get a picture of Fluffy. Use some seasonal props, like a pumpkin. You don’t have to take your furball outdoors … in fact, we advise against it. Just pick a spot that offers great natural light. Play Fluffy is very frisky and playful, which makes her very fun to have around. If you’ve set out decorations, your furry friend will probably want to bat at them. That could be dangerous! You don’t want your kitty getting tangled up or choking on something. Keep anything that could be dangerous out of paws’ reach! Enjoy A Treat Candies and snacks are toxic to our feline buddies, so don’t give Fluffy any of those Halloween sweets. However, you can give your furball something special. Some plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry is a good bet, as long as you remove the skin, bones, and fat. You can also offer your cute pet some plain tuna. Entertain Are you hosting a party, or expecting some trick or treaters? Friendly kitties may request ear scritches from guests. However, scaredy-cats will probably be more comfortable in a quiet back room. Cuddle Kitties are very charismatic, but it’s important to realize how small and vulnerable they are. While we always advise keeping cats in, this is especially important around Halloween, when traffic, reduced daylight, toxins, and, unfortunately, pranksters, all threaten your little furball. Enjoy some movie-night cuddles with Fluffy! Happy Halloween! Please contact us, your Rockwall, TX animal clinic, anytime!
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