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Warning! Canine Parvo Season

Rockwall Veterinarian Canine ParvoThis is Cora. Cora was rescued from a local shelter by Ready 2 Rescue. Cora came in for vaccinations and an exam. Cora seemed to be well until the following day. Cora was then very lethargic, vomiting and had diarrhea. A Parvo test confirmed our suspicions… Cora had Parvo. Cora was immediately treated with IV fluids, various antibiotics, anti-nausea injections and tablets as well as vitamins. Cora had to remain hospitalized for four days undergoing aggressive treatments. Cora is now enjoying her healthy life in her new home.

Canine parvovirus (CPV) is commonly seen in puppies. CPV is a highly contagious life-threatening illness. CPV attacks rapidly causing your puppy to become immobilized within a few days. Parvovirus causes decreased to no appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. Parvo may also infect the heart tissue resulting in fatality.

As a result of nursing, puppies receive immunity for four to eight weeks after birth. Due to the short immunity period, beginning the Parvo series is critical. Beginning the series at six to eight weeks is highly recommended. Due to the importance of proper vaccination, boosters must be administered every three weeks until the puppy reaches four months. Subsequently, yearly vaccination is sufficient. ALONG WITH PROPER VACCINATION, ISOLATING YOUR PUPPY UNTIL THE SERIES HAS BEEN COMPLETED IS ADVOCATED AS PARVOVIRUS REMAINS IN THE SOIL FOR SEVEN YEARS AND MAY INFECT YOUR PUPPY.

Be proactive and vaccinate your puppy! Call Pet Doctor at (972) 772- 7777 and schedule a quick appointment to protect your puppy against vicious Parvo.

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