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Pet Doctor: Rockwall Vet and Veterinary Hospital in Rockwall

Welcome to the Pet Doctor Rockwall Veterinary Hospital, located at 2703 Market Center Drive, in Rockwall, Texas. We care about you and your pets. As a Rockwall vet, we offer a complete package of preventative health care tailored specifically for your pet’s needs. In order to make sure your dog or cat lives a long, happy, and healthy life, we try to complete any needed treatments in one visit.

Affordable, Premium Pet Care in Rockwall Texas

Our goal is to provide premium pet care at an affordable price. While our Rockwall Veterinary Clinic may not be the cheapest veterinary hospital in Rockwall, the Pet Doctor is definitely not the most expensive. We are transparent about all of the services we provide and the charges you will receive.

You won’t be surprised with any unexplained charges. Other vet clinics in the Rockwall, Texas area might quote you one low price, but you inevitably run into hidden charges. Some of our local competitors won’t tell you that you are charged for an office visit on top of an examination fee or vaccination price. You may also be quoted a price for a surgical procedure–they will not tell you that they also charge for anesthesia, pain medication, medical waste fees and surgical pack fees separately. Those extra Veterinary Hospital charges will make your bill sky rocket without you even knowing. As a transparent, fair, and honest Rockwall Vet, we don’t believe in hidden, unnecessary, charges or fees.

“Veterinarian Dr. Keith Webb, runs the Pet Doctor Veterinary Hospital In Rockwall… And Truly Cares About Your Pet.”

Why People Choose Pet Doctor

Discover why thousands of Rockwall, Texas area pet owners have used the Pet Doctor for all of their pet’s medical and healthcare needs. Veterinarian, Dr. Keith Webb, opened Pet Doctor – Rockwall Veterinary Hospital in 2000. Since then, Dr. Keith Webb and The Pet Doctor – Rockwall Veterinary Hospital, has provided veterinary services and wellness care to more than 20,831 Rockwall and Heath, Texas dogs and cats. Just ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbors, and chances are that you’ll hear someone sing their praises. Read more about why area residents choose the Pet Doctor in Rockwall.

Vets in Rockwall Texas: Business Hours Vary

All vets in Rockwall, Texas have office hours. But many veterinarians don’t have convenient office hours. For your convenience, we have extended business hours because we know how busy life can get. The Pet Doctor in Rockwall is open Monday through Friday from 7am-6pm and from 9am-3pm on Saturdays.

While we are located in Rockwall, Texas, many of our patients (pets) live with their families in several other cities in the area. Our Rockwall Veterinary Hospital serves the following cities:

  • Rockwall
  • Rowlett
  • Heath
  • Fate
  • McLendon-Chisolm
  • Blackland
  • Royse City
  • Sachse
  • Wylie
  • Sunnyvale
  • Poetry

Some of our clients travel as far as 220 miles just to visit with Dr. Keith Webb, the Pet Doctor. So if you’re new to the area, or just looking for a better veterinary experience near Rockwall, just call us at 972-772-7777 to make an appointment.

Your Rockwall Vet

Pet Doctor is a full-service animal hospital, located in Rockwall, Texas. We welcome both emergency treatment as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. For dogs, we provide dog surgery, vaccinations, and handle sick dogs, including allergies, wounds, and ear infections. We’ll also clean your dog’s teeth and provide preventative care for your dog. For cats, we provide cat surgeries, vaccinations, we’ll take care of your sick cat, clean their teeth, and provide preventative cat care.