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At Pet Doctor, we have created an atmosphere dedicated to helping animals and people.
We develop long lasting relationships by putting you and your pet first.

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Annamarie Stewart

Hospital Administrator

For as long as she can remember, Annamarie has had a passion for keeping things organized and helping a team to run like a well-oiled machine. She’s been in management roles almost her entire adult life. When the opportunity arose to combine that passion and experience with her lifelong love of pets, the choice was obvious! Annamarie is proud to serve as the Hospital Administrator here at Pet Doctor. 

Annamarie began working at a pet hospital in Katy, Texas in 2007 to get her foot in the door of the veterinary world, and she hasn’t looked back since. She joined the Pet Doctor family in June of 2009, and couldn’t be happier to continue helping her team provide an exceptional level of personalized, high-quality pet care to the area’s animal parents. Annamarie loves to learn new things from Dr. Webb, and she especially enjoys tackling new administrative challenges. 

In her time away from the office, Annamarie enjoys interior decorating, watching mystery programs, and spending quality time with her family. She and her husband, Kevin, have two children named Nick and Sara, and they’re also proud grandparents to three young boys. Annamarie shares her home with a pair of wonderful pets: a dog named Charlie who is the most loyal companion Annamarie has ever known, and a sweet Shih Tzu named Dora who will stand up to any dog she encounters, no matter the size. 


Crystal Lopez 

Customer Service Representative

Crystal was constantly around animals while growing up in her hometown of San Angelo, Texas. She even helped her father to care for the creatures on his ranch. There was truly never a dull moment, and Crystal never forgot the intense bonds she formed with her childhood companions. A career in veterinary medicine simply made sense!

 Crystal’s veterinary journey began at an animal clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska in 2001. As a military spouse, she moved overseas in 2004, then returned to the United States from Germany in 2010. Crystal relocated to Texas and joined the Pet Doctor family in September of 2011, where she now serves as the supervisor of the clinic’s Customer Service Representative team. Her favorite part of her work is the way that it constantly keeps her on her toes—there are always new challenges to conquer on a daily basis, and Crystal finds that she never stops learning.

 Crystal’s interests outside of veterinary medicine include traveling—she feels fortunate to have seen many areas of the world thanks to military life!—and spending time with her own pets at home. She has two Chihuahua mixes: Nani, who thinks she’s a hunting dog, and Niko, whose calm and gentle demeanor stands in sharp contrast to his sister.


Dorina Alupului

Surgery Supervisor

Droina is originally from Romania, where she was always struck by the lack of proper care for pets. She knew that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals in whatever way she could. That’s why Dorina decided to become a veterinary professional! She’s been a part of the Pet Doctor family since the very beginning, and looks forward to continuing to care for the pets and animal parents of the area as the head of the surgery department. 

Dorina’s veterinary career started when she signed on as a Kennel Technician. She soon realized that she wanted to do more hands-on work to care for pets, so she gained more experience by working in both general and emergency practices. She’s been working with Dr. Keith Webb since 1989, and has been here at Pet Doctor since the hospital’s doors opened for business. 

Around the clinic, Dorina enjoys placing IV catheters and monitoring pets under anesthesia during surgery and teeth cleanings… and making sure they’re as comfortable as possible during their recoveries. Her absolute favorite part of the job is the relationships she’s formed with her clients and patients over the years—nothing beats seeing generations of pet owners come to the hospital for their pet care needs!


Kevin Stewart 

Floor Supervisor Technician

For Kevin, veterinary medicine is truly a family affair. His wife, Annamarie, serves as the hospital’s chief administrator! When she needed a reliable person to supervise the Technician team here at the clinic, Kevin was happy to step up—he’s been a member of the clinic team ever since.

Kevin was raised in East Texas and has lived here all his life. He joined the Pet Doctor team in March of 2019 on the recommendation of his wife, and he’s been enjoying every moment since. Kevin particularly likes helping to maintain a sense of structure and comradery around the clinic, and he loves to meet new people and their pets on a daily basis.

Away from work, Kevin is an avid car enthusiast and loves everything from old-school muscle cars to exotic sports cars. At home, he and Annamarie have two pets: Charlie, a stubborn but loveable Havanese, and a blonde Shih-Tzu named Dora.


Taylor Lamberton

Quality Assurance Manager

Taylor has adored animals ever since her earliest days but didn’t realize she wanted to pursue veterinary medicine until she took her first job in a pet clinic. Instantly, Taylor knew that it was the perfect path for her! Her passion hasn’t wavered, and she now shares her love of animals with the entire Pet Doctor family.

Taylor is originally from Virginia, and it was there that she launched her journey in veterinary care by signing on at a local pet hospital to learn the ropes of the profession. In September of 2018, she relocated here to Texas, came across an opening at Pet Doctor, and decided to apply. The rest is history!

As our Quality Assurance Manager, Taylor helps to keep the clinic operating like a well-oiled machine, ensuring that our patients always receive the highest level of care available. Of course, getting to see puppies every day is a nice perk of the job!

In her time away from work, Taylor loves playing with her three pups, which include two rottweilers and a pit bull, all of whom are big babies. They each have their own unique personality, but all have one thing in common: their sweetness!


Carrie Clark

Veterinary Technician

Carrie knew in 6th grade that she wanted to work in the veterinary industry. She’d always loved animals and felt deep down that this was her calling. After high school, she landed a job as a kennel attendant and enrolled in a local veterinary technician program. 25+ years later, Carrie still loves what she does!

Carrie’s career spanned several different clinics and hospitals, the last of which she spent 15 years with before it was acquired by a corporation. Upon deciding that wasn’t for her, she came across an opening at Pet Doctor and found it was the perfect fit! Professionally, Carrie loves that there are so many facets to her job. She also appreciates the many relationships she’s made with clients and patients over the years.

Outside of work, Carrie resides in her hometown of Mesquite with her husband and son. They don’t currently have any pets, but she hopes to change that very soon. Carrie’s free time is typically spent watching TV, going to the movies, or attending Broadway musicals. She and her sister have been going to the Dallas musicals for nearly two decades, a tradition started by their beloved grandmother.


Abigail Conner

Veterinary Technician

For Abigail Conner, animals have always been the center of her life. And while she may have started out in human health care, it didn’t take her long to realize that animal medicine was her true passion. Being able to help pets get healthy when they are sick and see them live long, happy lives is an absolute dream come true for her!

Abigail joined the Pet Doctor team in March of 2021. While she’s currently working as a Veterinary Technician, her ultimate goal is to become a vet, just like her cousin Katelin. Clinically, Abigail’s favorite thing to do is watch dentals and surgeries. She is also fascinated by radiology. Being able to learn the anatomy and find out what is ailing a patient is mind blowing to her.

At home, Abigail is Mom to three fur-babies of her own: Olive Bear, Sophie and Lucy. Olive Bear loves cuddles, running around the park and getting as much attention as possible. Lucy is the newest addition to the family – an energetic pup who is well on her way to becoming a tug-o-war master.

In her free time, Abigail can often be found binge-watching movies or reading – especially if it has anything to do with Harry Potter. She also enjoys playing sports, including sand volleyball and softball. One of her most memorable moments occurred during the first round of softball playoffs. With both teams tied in the seventh inning, Abigail hit a walk-off homerun for the win!


Dana Brennan

Customer Service Representative

Dana Brennan has always felt a strong connection with animals. She credits her dog Nala as being the one to inspire her career in the veterinary field. Nala’s multiple medical ailments meant countless trips to the vet, during which Dana was complimented on her intuition and dedication. When someone mentioned what an impact those skills could have from a professional standpoint, she decided to give it a shot. As it turns out, it was the perfect fit!

Dana initially got her feet wet by volunteering with animal transport, moving dogs and cats to other places to ensure optimal care. From there, she graduated to a shelter, where she continued to gain experience and industry knowledge. In September of 2021, Dana joined the Pet Doctor team as a CSR. She appreciates the opportunity it affords her to exercise both her people skills as well as her animal care skills. She particularly enjoys interacting with our patients, each of whom she treats as if they are her very own.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Dana’s family relocated to Dallas in 2016 in search of warmer weather. She is a proud mom of two pups: her beloved Nala, who loves to be dressed up and has Dana wrapped around her little paw; and Dixie, who is obsessed with ice cubes.

When she’s not busy working or cuddling with her dogs, Dana enjoys crocheting – a hobby she picked up from her grandmother. Her greatest achievement was finishing a queen-size blanket. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly fishing or swimming.


Lacee Pearson

Customer Service Representative

When Lacee Pearson was younger, she always had a love for animals and a desire to help them. She got her very first opportunity when her cat Sugar went into labor and began experiencing complications. Lacee jumped into action immediately, helping to clear the kittens’ airways and saving their lives. It was at that very moment when she decided she wanted to work in the veterinary industry one day.

Lacee officially began to pursue her dream in 1988, when she enrolled for courses at the Veterinary Technician Institute in Dallas. Upon graduation, she was hired as a Vet Tech at a clinic where she spent 11 years. From there, she joined a different practice where she worked for 18 years. In September of 2021, Lacee joined the Pet Doctor team. In her role as CSR, she enjoys greeting our clients and their pets, answering questions and assisting in any way she can.

At home, Lacee cares for her two senior dogs: a Lhasa Apso named Trotter and a bossy long haired Chihuahua terrier mix named Foxy. In her spare time, Lacee enjoys gardening, which she finds both relaxing and rewarding. She also loves to fish, which she has been doing since she was old enough to hold a pole in her hand.



Customer Service Representative

Anna grew up in Alabama before her parents remarried and moved to Texas. From a very young age, Anna was eager to help others in any way she could. This, combined with her lifelong passion for animals, made a career in veterinary medicine a no-brainer!

Prior to joining The Pet Doctor, Anna spent some time working as a veterinary technician at a practice in Sulphur Springs, and then went on to work as a receptionist at a clinic in Rockwall. She officially became a member of the Pet Doctor team in January of 2024. As a CSR, Anna enjoys meeting the patients and getting to know their unique personalities. She also enjoys helping our clients with whatever they need.

At home, Anna is happily married to her husband, Pierce. The couple welcomed a daughter in July of 2022. They also have three dogs: a blue heeler named Tucker, a mixed breed named Finley, and a goldendoodle named Boomer. In her free time, Anna enjoys re-watching classic TV shows (especially Friends and The Office) and trying new restaurants with Pierce.


Sara Quintero

Veterinary Technician

When Sara was a child, she would receive daily visits from a neighborhood cat named Tiger. When Tiger was in an accident and needed emergency medical attention, Sara remembers watching in awe at how lovingly the vet worked to save Tiger’s life. It was then that she decided the veterinary field would be her future. Being able to help animals the same way that vet did so many years ago is something that Sara takes great pride in!

Sara’s journey in the industry began as a Kennel Technician, which she did while attending high school. This experience officially solidified her desire to pursue veterinary medicine. Becoming a Veterinary Technician made perfect sense, because she loves people as much as she loves their fur babies. Professionally, Sara has a particular interest in radiology. She appreciates the opportunity to learn and the ability to contribute to saving and improving the lives of animals. 

Outside of the clinic, Sara has 2 dogs of her own: Sargent, a perpetually youthful German shepherd and a new puppy named Dak. Her hobbies include enjoying the outdoors, fishing, spending time with family and, of course, playing with her dogs.


Genavieve Oleson

Veterinary Technician

Growing up on a farm, surrounded by chickens, goats, pigs, and (her personal favorite) cows, Gena developed a love of animals at a very young age. During her sophomore year of high school, she was given the opportunity to raise her very first cow, Hazel, all by herself. Hazel taught Gena many lessons, including how to be responsible, patient, attentive, and calm. Beyond this, Hazel sparked a desire to make working with animals a career. As a veterinary technician, Gina now helps animals for a living!

At the age of 16, Gena landed her first official job as a kennel technician in the boarding facility of a local animal clinic. A couple of years later, while taking college classes, Gena felt driven to pursue more hands-on experience. She noticed that Pet Doctor was hiring, applied, and the rest is history! Since joining the team in April 2021, Gena has continued to expand her knowledge. She appreciates how this job challenges her – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and that she is always learning new things, not just about veterinary medicine, but also about herself.

Outside of work, Gena has two dogs of her own: River and Jackson. River is a little on the crazy side, and Jackson hides from her every chance she gets. In addition to her canine companions, Gena also owns 27 cows who think they’re dogs, and 10 chickens with some serious attitude. Besides her love of animals, Gena has a lifelong passion for dance, something she’s been doing since the age of four. Her mom often jokes that she “came out tap dancing.” 


Alexis Rodriguez

Veterinary Technician

When Alexis was little, she found animals fascinating and always felt a strong connection with them. In elementary school, she was home alone when her dog got injured. The feeling of helplessness she experienced in that moment also sparked a desire to learn how to help animals in need. She knew right then and there that she’d one day grow up to work in pet medicine.

Alexis wasted no time in launching her career. She took vet classes all throughout high school and by her senior year, was handling animals and learning how to take their vitals. After graduation, Alexis joined the Pet Doctor team as a kennel technician and has since worked her way up to the role of veterinary technician. Professionally, she enjoys observing and participating in procedures and working closely with doctors on the diagnosis process.

Outside of work, Alexis has two dogs of her own: Bud and Sarah. Sarah is Alexis’ shadow and will only listen to her. Bud loves to park his bottom on the couch while resting his head on the coffee table. When she’s not busy at the clinic or tending to her pups, you will most likely find Alexis working on her car, which she saved every penny to purchase.


Anel Martinez

Customer Service Representative

Some of Nellie’s earliest childhood memories were of time spent on her grandfather’s farm, surrounded by creatures large and small. This experience fostered a deep and lasting love of animals and inspired Nellie to one day pursue a career that would allow her to be a voice for those who cannot speak. As a CSR here at Pet Doctor, Nellie is thrilled to be fulfilling her lifelong dream!

Nellie began her career at a different clinic before joining Pet Doctor in December of 2021. Professionally, she loves learning about pet emergencies and how to respond when one is presented. Her favorite part of the job, though, is interacting with clients and getting to know the unique personalities of their beloved animal family members.

At home, Nellie is pet mom to a loyal dog named Jack, who is fiercely protective of her and follows her wherever she goes. In her spare time, Nellie enjoys reading books, gardening, going to concerts, and listening to metal music. She is currently bilingual but has a goal of becoming multilingual in the very near future.


Chelsie Lookabaugh

Veterinary Technician

Chelsie knew at a very young age that she wanted to work with animals. Most of her childhood was spent helping out on her grandpa’s farm, where she learned how to bottle feed the calves and milk to mamas. As she grew older, Chelsie’s passion for animals never wavered, and she continued to follow her heart into the veterinary field. As one of the vet techs here at Pet Doctor, Chelsie is excited to be doing what she loves every day.

Chelsie’s career journey began in 2012 at a clinic in Athens, TX. She worked there for several years before deciding to take some time off when her son was born. In 2020, Chelsie returned to work and she and her family relocated from East Texas just prior to her daughter’s birth. She joined the Pet Doctor team following her maternity leave, and the rest is history. Clinically, Chelsie has a special interest in surgery.

When she’s not busy caring for our patients, Chelsie is at home with her husband Blayne, their son Slayde, and their daughter Zuri. Their animal family includes a boxer named Khaleesi, four cats (Lennon, Cerci, Chuck Norris, and Luna), and a snake named Enki. Most of Chelsie’s spare time is spent attending Slayde’s many sporting activities and tending to young Zuri’s needs. Chelsie considers being a mom her greatest accomplishment in life.


Nataly Miranda

Veterinary Technician

Nataly grew up with all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to birds, turtles, fish, and horses. When one of her dogs became chronically ill, the many trips to the vet opened Nataly’s eyes to the world of veterinary medicine. Seeing how skilled and compassionate the doctors and care team were inspired Nataly to follow in their footsteps and become a vet tech. Today, she shares that same passion with our patients!

Nataly’s career journey began in 2019, when she asked to volunteer at her local vet clinic. There, she learned how to administer vaccines and draw blood, and she was eventually offered a job. She spent four years there, then moved onto a different practice before joining the Pet Doctor team in April of 2023. Professionally, Nataly enjoys learning new skills and seeing sick pets recover to live happy, healthy lives.

At home, Nataly has three fur babies of her own, including two pit bulls, Big Boy and Chapitas, and a little Havanese mix named Coco. The pitties love going on car rides while Coco is more of a homebody. All three have unique personalities and get along well together. When she’s not busy working or playing with her pups, you’ll usually find Nataly listening to music, watching TV, or doing a craft. She also loves to travel and has so far visited Mexico, Florida, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, and Las Vegas.


Olivia Donaldson

Veterinary Technician

Like most of her colleagues, Olivia has always loved animals. It started with the pets she had while growing up, then expanded to showing goats in 4H for several years and serving and learning in various horse organizations. When an unexpected visitor showed up at the family home one afternoon – a big fluffy dog whom they ultimately kept and named Sam – Olivia officially got the itch to work in the veterinary field. As a vet tech, she now gets to help countless animals just like Sam!

When Olivia was in high school, there was a brief period during which she thought about going into human nursing. She quickly realized, however, that wasn’t what God had planned for her. Upon receiving a job offer at a local clinic to become a veterinary technician, she immediately jumped at the opportunity. Little did she know that would be the beginning of an incredible adventure. Over the years, Olivia has learned that the veterinary world is full of amazing experiences that have ignited an unquenchable passion within her. Professionally, Olivia enjoys building relationships and learning new things.

At home, Olivia has one dog of her own named Milo, a 75-pound German Shepherd/Siberian Husky/Great Pyrenees mix who thinks he’s a lap dog and will do just about anything for cuddles. Milo is an extremely picky eater and expects nothing but the best and finest foods. When she’s not tending to Milo’s demands or serving the clients and patients at Pet Doctor, you can usually find Olivia at church, working with her student ministry. Her other interests include art, history, movies, and musicals. 



Veterinary Technician

Prior to her career in the veterinary industry, Sheila spent more than two decades working in an office setting. As time went on, she felt she needed a change of pace, so she switched gears and started working at a dog kennel. It was such a rewarding experience that Sheila knew almost immediately she had found her true calling in life. And the rest, as they say, is history!

A few years into working at the kennel, an opportunity arose for Sheila to join a veterinary clinic as a receptionist. Within just a few short months, she began training to become a veterinary technician. Nearly 12 years later and she still loves what she does! Sheila recently joined The Pet Doctor team after working at a clinic in Garland for over a decade. Professionally, she enjoys working as a surgical technician. There’s always something new to learn with surgery.

Outside of work, Sheila is the proud mother of four children and grandmother to 10. Her fur family consists of two retired barrel horses, a couple of donkeys, two cats and six dogs. Sheila and her husband own a travel trailer and go camping (or “glamping”) quite frequently. Sheila’s other pastimes include motorcycling, kayaking, taking walks, going to the beach, and spending quality time with her grandkids.


Yenixa Rodriguez

Surgical Technician

Most of Yeni’s childhood was spent on her family’s ranch in Cuba. This experience awakened in her a deep and lasting passion for animals. After witnessing a man abusing a horse who didn’t want to work, Yeni knew she needed to do more to help protect and care for these precious souls. A career in the veterinary industry seemed the ideal solution.

Yeni studied veterinary medicine in her home country and became a licensed DVM in 2000. Professionally, she loves sharing her surgical skills to help pets in need. Serving her furry friends is a true honor and the fulfillment of Yeni’s lifelong mission. Yeni joined Pet Doctor in 2019 and has since become a beloved member of the team.

Outside of the clinic, Yeni resides with her wonderful husband. The couple share one son and four pets, including two sweet pups: Luna and Leo, and two very beautiful and very loud blue and yellow Macaws named Susie and Eddie. When she’s not at work, Yeni enjoys spending time with family, traveling tropical places – especially the Caribbean – and photographing her family’s adventures.

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