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Pet Doctor values all of our clients tremendously. To show our continued appreciation for your patronage, we have decided to price all of our products and services with a “Cash Discount” payment option.

The vast majority of our clients pay with credit cards out of convenience and to earn rewards. What most people don’t understand is that businesses ultimately fund those rewards in the form of increased merchant service fees. As a result, their “cost of doing business” rises dramatically.

During this current inflationary period our supply costs have increased dramatically. In an effort to keep our prices competitive, we have decided to price all of our products and services with a cash discount.

This means that all transactions using cash or check will receive this pricing, but credit and debit cards will not. We will still continue to welcome these electronic payments, but they will incur a non-cash adjustment to help offset the additional processing fees.

We understand some clients may not agree with our position, but we are making this change to keep our prices competitive during this inflationary period while striving to exceed expectations for your pet’s veterinary care.

Thank you very much for your understanding and continued loyalty.

With warm regards,

Dr. Keith Webb