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“Veterinarian, Dr. Keith Webb Opens Second Pet Doctor Veterinary Hospital In Rockwall… And Takes Area By Storm”

Hours Of Operation

For your convenience, we also have extended business hours because we know how busy life can get. We are open Monday – Friday 8AM–6PM , Saturday 9AM–3PM and we are closed Sunday. This extended schedule allows us to be more available than most other clinics in this area for you and your pet.

How Do Our Fees Compare

You will receive premium pet care at an affordable price here at Pet Doctor. We may not be the cheapest practice in town, but we are definitely not the most expensive. You will not be surprised with any unexplained charges like many of the other clinics in town where you are originally quoted one low price; but once you get you run into hidden charges. Some of our competitors won’t tell you, but you are charged for an office visit on top of an examination fee or vaccination price. You may also be quoted a price for a surgical procedure without them mentioning to you that they also charge for anesthesia, pain medication, medical waste fees and surgical pack fees separately, making your bill sky rocket without you even knowing. 

 At Pet Doctor, your pet’s surgery will include anesthesia, post operative pain injections, post operative antibiotic injections, and surgery packs in the standard costs of our surgical procedures; and we never charge an additional office visit fee on top of our examination fee or vaccination charges. There are no hidden costs! We are very straight forward and will discuss any possible costs before any procedure is performed on your pet.

How We Make Your Treatment Pleasant

You are not just a client and your pet is not just a patient at Pet Doctor, you are part of the Pet Doctor family. You and your pet will be treated how we would like our family and our pets to be treated by making your visit as pleasant as possible. You are often asked about your family and hobbies since we want to find out as much as possible about our clients in order to become more than just acquaintances.

So you know what we are doing and can keep up with what we are planning for your pet, we have open exam rooms. This is one feature that makes us unique from other practices in town.

We know your time is valuable, so we try our best to keep you from waiting. If you make an appointment, we are generally prompt and will see you and your pet without delay.

In order to keep you from having to make the drive to our clinic and so your pet doesn’t have to go through the stress of visiting us more than once, we make sure to offer a complete package of preventative health care tailored specifically for your pet’s needs in order to make sure they live a long, happy, and healthy life and we try to complete these treatments in one visit.

What We Want Most For You and Your Pet

We want to provide your pet with the proper preventative health care and the most up-to-date medical treatment to make sure it lives and long, happy, and healthy life, but we won’t forget about you either.

In order to make sure you have a very pleasant and enjoyable office visit at Pet Doctor, we try to answer all your medical and behavioral questions, provide you with any additional information you desire, and interact with you as much as possible.

You will be given back door access to our website where you can log in and check your pets records, request medication refills, ask the veterinarian or technician a question, look up information regarding different health or behavioral issues your pet may have, request appointments and even watch health care videos.

May You Invite Your Family and Friends?

Yes, you certainly may!

Like all businesses, it seems like you always have enough work to do. However, our goal is to provide the most complete preventative health care and most up-to-date medical and surgical treatments possible so that your pet stays healthy and we do not have to continually re-treat health conditions. So it is important for us always to have new clients to work for. If we do not have new clients, we will not make a profit; and if we don’t make a profit, we won’t be able to continue to provide the level of service that you have come to expect from us.

When you recommend a friend or family member to us it is very important that they are happy with our service, otherwise it reflects badly on you. We recognize that we have to please your friend or relative so that you can feel good about having sent them to us. We do not take this responsibility lightly. You can expect that we will heartily thank you for giving them an invitation to see us and reassure you that your relative or friend is grateful to you for arranging their visit.

A Bargain We Would Like To Make With You

Here is what we feel we owe to each other. It is what we would like our relationship with you to be built upon. If you have any concerns at all with this, we will be happy to discuss what you feel would be fair.

Our Commitment To You:

  • We must tell you in advance the cost of any major treatment.
  • We must perform our very best care for your pet.
  • We must listen to you when you talk.
  • We must apologize and make amends if we don’t perform as we promise, and you can be the judge of our performance.
  • We will do our absolute best to keep your appointment time because we know everyone hates to be kept waiting.

Your Commitment To Us:

  • You must pay your bills as services are rendered.
  • You must complain if there is something that upsets you. That way we have a chance to put it right, apologize and give you appropriate restitution.
  • You should refer us at least two people of comparable quality to yourself who you feel would benefit from what we offer. In this way we can continue to have a flow of new clients without advertising, which saves us money. This money can be used by us to keep from raising our prices on our products and services.

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Pet Doctor

2703 Market Center Drive
Rockwall, TX 75032

t: 972-772-7777

Also serving Heath, TX and surrounding areas.

Business Hours

Monday – Friday: 8AM–6PM
Saturday: 9AM–3PM
Sunday: Closed

Low Cost Vaccinations Every Other Thursday