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Senior Cat Comforts

October 1, 2021

Did you know that kitties are considered seniors by age nine? Fluffy probably won’t look or act very differently once she hits that milestones. There are plenty of older cats that still behave like kittens! However, your feline friend will slow down as she ages, and will definitely appreciate some extra comforts. A Rockwall, TX vet lists some easy ways to keep your furry little buddy purring in this article.


Fluffy may have a hard time seeing in the dark as she grows older. Set out nightlights to help her find her food bowl and litterbox in the middle of the night.


Speaking of litterboxes, you may want to get one with low sides. This will be easier for your furball to get in and out of. If your home has more than one floor, consider putting litterboxes on each level. Fluffy will appreciate not having to use the stairs as much!


This probably isn’t much of a shock, given that kitties spend a rather ridiculous amount of time snoozing. Make sure Fluffy has lots of comfy spots to choose from.

Veterinary Care

It’s not uncommon for pets to develop medical issues in their golden years, just as people do. Keep up with your furry pal’s veterinary appointments!


Senior cats tend to be very sensitive to temperature extremes. In summer, your furball may appreciate a frozen towel on her bed or an ice cube in her water dish. On cold nights, she’ll want to snuggle up in a soft blanket or sprawl out in a sunbeam.


Our feline pals are very, very good at grooming themselves and keeping their fur clean. However, older kitties sometimes get stiff and sore, which can make it hard for them to reach their whole bodies. Offer Fluffy a helping hand with her beauty regimen by brushing her daily.


Just like people, cats can get confused and forgetful as they age. Fluffy may forget how to get to her bed, or she may forget where she was going. Understandably, this may frighten her, and she may get a bit distressed. Just try to comfort her. Ear scritches, cuddles, lap space, and routines will all help keep that motor going.


 Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Rockwall, TX animal clinic, we are always here to help!