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Walk Your Dog Month

January 1, 2022

January is Walk Your Dog Month! Those daily strolls aren’t only important for sanitary reasons. They’re great for Fido’s physical and emotional health. A Rockwall, TX vet discusses taking your canine companion for a stroll in this article.


Does your furry buddy know basic commands, such as Stay, Come, and Heel? If not, make it one of your resolutions to finish Fido’s education this year. Training isn’t only important for petiquette: it’s also crucial for both your pup’s safety and your own.


A good leash and a sturdy collar or harness is a must. As for yourself, wear shoes with good tread. You may want to get a reflective leash or jacket for night walks. It’s also not a bad idea to get a fanny pack made just for walking Fido. These have convenient pouches and slots for things like bottles, treats, and waste bags.


Always put safety first. One big thing with walking Fido is remaining aware of your surroundings. If you wear earbuds, don’t turn the volume up too high. You need to be able to hear things like squealing brakes or barking dogs. If you and Fido are walking on the side of a road, walk towards oncoming traffic, and keep your four-legged friend to the outside. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for snakes and other critters.


We all know that dogs love to sniff and explore things. This is cute, but it can be dangerous. Don’t let Fido nose around in places that could be housing wild animals, such as snakes. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for dangerous plants, such as foxtails.


Cold isn’t usually too much of a problem here, but the summer heat can be brutal. When it’s hot, try to walk your pup in the mornings and evenings. You’ll also need to be careful of Fido’s paws. Your pooch can get painful burns from scorching-hot pavement! Use paw balm to protect your canine pal’s feet, and stick to soft surfaces as much as you can.


Don’t think of walking your dog just as a chore. The exercise and fresh air are also good for you. Enjoy this special time with your furry best friend!

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your local Rockwall, TX animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care.