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Cat World Domination Plans

June 15, 2022

There’s a very big kitty holiday coming up in a few weeks. In fact, as far as Fluffy is concerned, June 24th may very well be the most important day of the year. It’s Cat World Domination Day! Given how adept our feline pals are at wrapping us around their paws, it’s not much of a surprise to discover that they may be plotting to take over the world. Was this the plan all along? What will Fluffy do if she succeeds? A Rockwall, TX vet lists a few options below.

Catnip Gardens

Kitties are much safer inside, where they aren’t exposed to traffic, wild animals, and other hazards. However, if they were in charge, many of them would simply go where they pleased. They’d also demand some changes. For instance, Fluffy may very well want to install catnip gardens on every block, if not every yard. These would of course include stocked fishponds, birdfeeders, and lots of trees and catwalks.


It’s probably safe to say that our feline overlords would be adamant about making sure they are properly honored with things like portraits, building and street names, and of course statues … or catues. Fluffy may also decide to put Garfield, Sylvester, and other famous kitties on currency.

Housing Regulations

If you were to give Fluffy the paperwork on current housing regulations, she’d probably just sprawl out on it and take a nap. Of course, when she finally woke up, she’d demand some changes. What you may expect to see? Catwalks, window seats, and cat trees in every house. Your furry pal may also want extra nooks and crannies built into home designs. Kitties love hiding spots! You’d probably also be required to have cat beds and/or kitty furniture in every room.

Lap Space On Demand

One thing we love about kitties is the way they fit purrfectly into our laps. You may feel guilty moving when there’s a purring furball snoozing on top of you! Fluffy would probably make it illegal for you to stand up before she’s finished with her nap.


While cats and dogs can sometimes get along, this isn’t always the case. Man’s Best Friend may suddenly find himself relegated to living in the doghouse … literally!

Do you have questions about your feline overlord’s health or care? Please contact us, your local Rockwall, TX animal clinic, today!