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Adopt A Senior Dog Month

November 1, 2022

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! Older pets often have a very hard time getting adopted, as so many people pass them by for puppies. Giving one of these sweet pups a happy retirement can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. These guys really just want someone to love them and care for them. A Rockwall, TX vet offers some advice on adopting a senior dog below.

The Plight Of Senior Dogs

Older dogs wind up in shelters far too often. Sometimes this happens because of simple misfortune: Fido’s owner may be ill or suffering extreme financial hardship. They may even be deceased. In other cases, people cruelly surrender older pets because they aren’t as fun any more. This is just heartbreaking to see. Fido is extremely loyal, and can be absolutely devastated to find himself in a shelter!


Senior dogs actually have some wonderful charms. They’re typically extremely sweet and lovable and are usually already trained. Plus, they don’t need as much exercise or stimulation as puppies, and aren’t as likely to engage in destructive behaviors like digging up your yard or eating your sofa cushions. Another thing to consider is the fact that they don’t require as long of a commitment as younger pets. They’re also super cute!

Things To Consider

There are some things to keep in mind when adopting an older pooch. First and foremost, you’ll need to be ready, willing, and able to provide great care for your canine pal. Fido may develop medical issues over time. Be sure you’re prepared to handle things as they arise!

Getting Ready

You’ll want to have everything ready and waiting for your new canine buddy. Comfort is definitely king when it comes to caring for older dogs! A good bed is a must. You’ll also want to pick things made just for older pooches, such as soft toys and supplements. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Tail Wags

Changes are very difficult for our canine companions. Senior dogs are often very saddened and confused to find themselves in shelters, as they don’t understand what happened. Fido may need some time to adjust. Take things slowly, and focus on providing great care. You may find that tail wags from an older dog are completely precious!

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