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Summer With Senior Pets

June 1, 2023

Texas summers can be pretty sweltering! That’s great for enjoying barbeques and gorgeous sunsets, but it can be rough on our furry companions. A Rockwall, TX vet offers some advice on helping Fido and Fluffy beat the heat in this article.


Fido and Fluffy must always have clean water. Consider getting an automated waterer and/or set out extra stations. If your canine pal has a yard to play in, he’ll need water out there as well. Change outdoor water frequently, as wild animals could contaminate it. Poisonous toads, for instance, may want to soak in it. We have several of those here in Texas, including the Cane, American, Great Plains, Green, Houston, Red-Spotted, and Texas toads. (Note: the Cane Toad is the biggest concern for pet owners.) We also have a poisonous frog, the pretty but deadly Pickerel frog.

Cold Snacks

Everyone loves a cold treat on a sweltering day, and our four-legged pals are no exception. You can offer sodium-free broth, either chilled in a bowl or frozen into cubes. You can also find ice cream made just for Fluffy and Fido. Or, make your own! Just stick with things that you know are pet-safe.


Regularly brushing and bathing Fluffy and Fido will also keep them cool. Dead fur and dander interfere with the insulating ability of their pretty coats, making them hot and itchy. Cooling vests are also a good option for dogs. (Tip: you can also soak a wet bandana, and tie that around Fido’s neck.) Some pups will be more comfortable with summer trims, though this isn’t appropriate for all dogs. Ask your vet for recommendations. 


Adjust Fido’s walk and playtime schedule, and keep him indoors, in climate-controlled rooms, during the hottest hours. And while your canine companion may love going out and about with you, it’s best to leave him at home when it’s really hot out. (Note: never ever leave pets  in the car in summer. Temps inside parked vehicles can reach deadly levels in just minutes.)

Cool Beds

Your furry bff also needs a cool bed. You can point a fan at it, though you’ll need to make sure they can’t topple it onto themselves. You can also add frozen towels or ice packs wrapped in cloth.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Rockwall, TX animal clinic, today!