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Cute Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool

August 15, 2023

Texas summers are always hot, but this year is definitely a scorcher. With the Dog Days Of Summer upon us, it’s important for pet owners to be aware of the dangers that heat can pose to our canine friends. Fido can get into trouble pretty quickly in hot weather. After all, he is wearing a fur coat! You’ll need to take some precautions to keep your pup cool and comfy on those sweltering days.  A local Rockwall, TX vet offers some tips on this below.

Water Fun

If your pooch can swim, then by all means indulge him … as long as you can do so safely. Take your furry friend to a pet-friendly pool or beach, and keep a close eye on him. Otherwise, Fido may just enjoy playing in a kiddie pool, or relaxing in the spray from a fountain or sprinkler.

Summer Cuts

Haircuts aren’t going to be the best option for every pooch: it just depends on the type of fur your dog has. If Fido’s cute summer ‘do is starting to grow out, book him an appointment.  

Cold Snacks

Do you enjoy frozen treats when it’s hot? Chances are, you probably do. So does Fido! You can find ice cream for your canine companion in many supermarkets and pet stores. You can also order it online, though you of course run the risk of it melting during delivery. Another option is to just make your own. Here’s a simple one: put some kibble or shredded meat into an ice cube tray, then pour water or sodium-free broth over it and freeze.

Cooling Pads

Making sure Fido always has a comfy spot to relax will go a long way towards helping him beat the heat. Consider getting him a cooling mat or cooling pat for his bed. You can also make your furry friend a DIY cooling vest: wet a bandana, and hang that around his neck when it’s really hot. The evaporating water will cool his chest.

Cold Toys

Is your pup still in his chew-on-everything phase? Get him a Kong toy, and fill it with something that will freeze well. You can use things like ripe bananas, wet dog food, or baby food. Just stick with safe ingredients.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Rockwall, TX animal clinic!