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Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Cat Happy

May 15, 2024

Kitties are undoubtedly the purrfect little pets. They may be small in size, but they are filled with that lovable feline personality and charm. Fluffy is also quite low-maintenance. But what does it take to keep a kitty happy? Ensuring good food, a clean litterbox, and proper veterinary care will take care of the essentials. However, it takes a little more to keep that small motor running.  In this article, a local Heath, TX vet provides answers to common questions about keeping your feline friend happy and satisfied.

Talk To Your Cat

It’s unclear how much of our language cats truly comprehend, but it seems safe to say that Fluffy has a pretty good grasp on phrases like ‘Get out of there’ and ‘What are you doing in there?’ Talking to your pet can be a wonderful way to strengthen your bond with her. Although she may not understand your words, she still appreciates your efforts to communicate with her.

Your furry companion may also respond in her own unique way. Cats that are talkative might respond to you with little chirps or meows. Fluffy may also flick her tail, slowly blink at you, or gently nudge you with her head. (Or, she may just give you that superior look kitties are so good at.)

Play with Your Feline Companion

Toys and playtime are crucial for your furry friend’s happiness and overall health. Your adorable, affectionate little pet has the heart of a lion. Cats are natural hunters, so they have an instinctive ability to pounce, jump, and scratch. These things would greatly enhance their chances of survival in the wild.

Playing is not just a great way to satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It’s also fantastic for building strong connections. Spending a little time using a laser pointer is a fun and cute way of showing your pet affection. Playing with multiple cats together can also help them develop a bond.

In addition, playtime can be beneficial for building confidence, especially for timid cats. If your pet happens to be a bit of a cantankerous, this can be a great outlet for her cattitude.

It’s important to remember that every pet has their own preferences when it comes to toys. One kitty may enjoy chasing the elusive red dot from a laser pointer, while another is more interested in ‘catching’ catnip mice. Experiment with various options to discover what your furry companion enjoys the most.

Kitty Furniture

Our feline overlords have no qualms about claiming our beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and laps as their own personal napping havens. However, Fluffy will greatly appreciate and benefit from having a few things of her own.

The gold standard here? A cat tower, of course. These serve multiple purrposes. They provide your cat with a vantage point. That’s important!  Our feline overlords do not have a great view from ground level, which is why they enjoy being in elevated areas. This offers them a more favorable view and allows them to observe their kingdoms and subjects (that would be you) with the characteristic air of superiority that cats excel at.

Plus, Cat towers also offer a convenient nail care station for your adorable pet. Your feline companion will be able to satisfy her natural urge to keep her claws sharp … without destroying your furniture.

Fluffy will also gain some additional places to nap and a fun jungle gym. And, if you have a dog, she’ll have a spot to get away from him. (We’ll discuss Fluffy and Fido’s relationship in a future post.)

Getting a tower doesn’t have to be expensive. An old stepladder or shelf system can be repurposed. Adding wooden planks can create comfortable lounging spots for your kitty. Then, wrap it with sisal rope or carpet.

Give Fluffy Places to Take a Quick Snooze

Our feline friends are capable of spending up to 20 hours a day napping. Fluff will enjoy having a variety of spots to choose from. Store-bought beds are highly recommended, and it would be wise to consider purchasing at least one or two. Another option is to place folded blankets on footstools, storage trunks, or ottomans.

Offer Your Furry Voyeur Window Seats

It is always wise to keep cats indoors. It’s a much safer option for them! Once your pet steps outside, she faces numerous potential dangers, including cars, weather conditions, wild animals, stray cats, chemicals, and, unfortunately, some humans. Allowing kitties to roam outside puts them at a significantly higher risk of contracting parasites, getting lost, injured, or even facing fatal accidents compared to indoor cats.

That being said, cats have a genuine fascination with watching birds and squirrels, as well as simply observing the outdoors. Give Fluffy a comfortable window seat that offers a pleasant view. By placing a bird feeder within her view, you’ll not only be offering her live entertainment but also supporting the local wildlife.

Visit your Heath, TX Animal Clinic Regularly

Our furry friends would definitely prefer to relax at home and catch some Z’s instead of making a trip to our Heath, TX pet hospital. Fluffy probably won’t be happy about the appointment. However, she’ll look and feel better with proper veterinary care.

We suggest all cats be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and regularly maintain the health of all cats through exams, vaccines, and parasite control. During the time between visits, it’s important to stay vigilant for any signs of illness in your pet. Watch out for symptoms like vomiting, untidy fur, hiding, respiratory problems, changes in appetite, weight fluctuations, fever, diarrhea, and issues with the litterbox. If you happen to notice anything amiss, contact us immediately.

Provide Kitty-Safe Plants

Plants both purify the air and enhance the welcoming atmosphere of any home. Your furry companion will appreciate having something to munch on. Fluffy enjoys peering out from behind green leaves, playfully pretending to be a fierce predator. It is important to prioritize safety and choose reliable options. For a comprehensive list of both toxic and non-toxic plants, visit the ASPCA website here. (Note: It is important to avoid lilies as they can be extremely harmful to cats.)

Fluffy may also enjoy some catnip. Growing your own allows you to have a constant, fresh supply. (Tip: If your pet isn’t interested, consider offering her honeysuckle cat toys.)

Love And Attention

In closing, make sure that your feline friend feels loved. Interact with Fluffy by talking to her, giving her gentle pets, and enjoying some playtime together. You can also provide her with a cozy lap to curl up on. Gentle ear scritches or forehead rubs can help keep that purring engine running smoothly.

Cats, like all of us, simply desire love, comfort, and security. While it is crucial to ensure that your pet has toys, furniture, and all the other essentials we have discussed, the most vital aspect for her mental and physical well-being is nurturing that unique bond we share with our pets. Give your furry pal the attention she deserves! Just giving her a gentle pat on the forehead as you walk by or allowing her to rest on your lap  can help her feel loved.

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