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Cheryl Turner

pet doctor dog 6“I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, the vet that we were seeing in Mesquite was not as attentive, nor friendly enough to ask questions about our pet. We care and love our Westie as most owners do. We only want the best care for her. Whether it be shots, checkup, or the seriousness of an enlarged heart, Dr. Webb has remained the same attentive and truly a caring person in every aspect. He will endeavor to get us an answer when we have concerns. We have a sister in law that had a poodle and the vet said it was time to put him down because he had a bad cough. There was no other alternative. Our Westie had what seemed to be hopeless the same cough later. Dr. Webb took that step and found that she had an enlarged heart and there was fluid around it. Dr. Webb prescribed the appropriate medication, and it has helped her tremendously. Dr. Webb has great office hours and always returns calls in a timely manner concerning our pet. The staff is always courteous, friendly, and concerned. Questions have been asked on how Winnie is doing and if there have been any changes. The follow up calls are great, never had that before. You are certainly lucky if your doctor gets back to you as fast as Dr. Webb does. The office staff does not push you into purchasing lots of products for your pet. Some offices do. Winnie is now almost 14 years old. We are so satisfied and trust Dr. Webb with his diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Webb is not just a vet, he IS truly a man of compassion for animals as well as their owners. He IS the BEST!!! Dr. Webb makes us feel comfortable when asking questions. He does not rush you out of the office to get to the next patient. Each patient is treated equally.” —Cheryl Turner, Rowlett

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