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Pet Doctor’s Tribute To Razor

Pet Doctor - Razor PupThis is a tribute to one of our favorite patients.  Razor started coming to us when he was a pup and we developed a good relationship with him early on.  He often had an aggressive look because of his wide eyes, but in reality, he was a gentle giant. Unfortunately, his parents had to make an extremely tough decision recently and Razor had to be euthanized because he was in a great deal of pain due to arthritis which became uncontrollable. He was certainly one of a kind and will be missed!  We just received an email from his parents which was extremely heart-felt so we thought we would share it with you.  So here’s the email we received from his parents, Steve & Kathy Hearn.  Please keep them in your prayers!

Keith,I am writing this letter to thank you for your wonderful care you provided for Razor. Other than a couple of times he came in to get his fatty lumps lanced he was always thrilled when we pulled up to your office to see you and the crew. He even knew the drill and directly went to the scales. I can tell that you and some of the others were fond of Razor and we really appreciate all their great care too.

Rockwall Veterinarian - RazorWe have had our share of sorrow from losing other dogs but I know I am going to feel his loss forever. He was such a mess sometimes a pain in the ass but the smart funny side of Razor made up for those times. It seemed every day he would do something like a person would do and made us laugh and forget about our problems. Here are a few pictures I threw together with some of the people type bahavior described we hope that it makes you smile and know that he had a great life. I know that some of his dreams were good because as he was napping his tail was wagging and thumping on the floor, who knows he might have been dreaming of you.

Thanks again, Steve & Kathy Hearn

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