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Rockwall Veterinarian Discusses Anal Gland Issues In Dogs

Rockwall Veterinarian Anal GlandsThis is Toby. Toby is a 10 year old male Shih Tzu mix dog that was presented with an abscessed anal sac. He was given an injection of an anti-inflammatory and sent home with antibiotics. He is recovering nicely.

All dogs have two anal sacs that may need to be periodically expressed. These sacs are located on opposite sides on your dog’s anus. Anal sacs typically empty with normal bowel movements as stool applies pressure against the sacs resulting in inconspicuous sac secretions.

If anal sacs become impacted your dog will begin to scoot, bite and scratch his/her rear. Lack of proper expressing may result in an abscess causing an infection, pain, itching and tremendous discomfort. Abscessed anal sacs require expression, routine cleaning and antibiotics.

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2 Responses to Rockwall Veterinarian Discusses Anal Gland Issues In Dogs
  • Janet Adair says:

    My daughters dog has this and she cant afford to take her to the get. What can she do. She isnputting diapers on her.

    • admin says:

      There are some articles on the internet about expressing the anal glands, but once they’re infected and starting to abscess, they would most likely require antibiotics. Good luck!

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