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Dog Bite Wounds & Puncture Wounds

Bite Wounds

When animals fight with other animals, damage can occur to both the skin and the underlying tissue. Many fights can be avoided by not allowing your pet to run loose and by keeping them on a leash when you walk them.

If your pet does get into a fight, do not try to break it up with your bare hands.  You can try yelling and screaming at them, but animals will typically bite anything in their way, including you.

After the fight is over, examine your pet carefully for hidden wounds. You’ll often find punctures around the neck, rump, and legs. Look through the hair carefully to find signs of blood, which may indicate where the skin has been punctured.

It is important to determine if the biting animal has been vaccinated against rabies.  If the other animal is a wild animal like a skunk or a raccoon, try to kill it so it can be tested for rabies.  Never touch the wild animal with your bare hands, even after it has been killed. Wear gloves or wrap the body in a blanket.

Take the following steps when your pet has been bitten by another animal:

  1. Clip the hair around the bite wound
  2. Flush the wound thoroughly with clean water
  3. Look at the wound. If the wound is deep or longer than 1” long, it will probably need stitches
  4. Allow the wound to drain unless there is bleeding

If the wound is bleeding, follow these steps:

  1. Cover the wound with a cloth or sanitary napkin
  2. Place your hand over the wound and press firmly
  3. Keep pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding
  4. If blood soaks through the cloth or napkin, Do Not take it off, just put more on and continue to apply pressure until the bleeding stops

If medical attention is necessary, wrap your pet in a blanket to keep them warm and prevent shock and…

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