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Catproofing Your Tree

December 1, 2022

Are you putting a Christmas tree up this year? If you have a kitty, you can probably expect your feline buddy to dial her mischief settings up to 11 as soon as she spots it. We can help! Read on as a local Rockwall, TX veterinarian offers some tips on catproofing your tree … or at least increasing the odds of it staying upright.

Choose The Right Spot

That old adage about location, location, location definitely applies here. Putting the tree in a corner may help, as Fluffy will only be able to approach from one direction. Avoid putting it near anything your furball can use as a launchpad.

Put Up A Barrier

Consider blocking your feline friend’s access to the tree. Puppy gates can be helpful for this. You can also try aluminum foil: if you lay it out right, it will reflect the lights, and may even look pretty. (Results may vary.)

Distract The Furball

Playing with Fluffy may also help. The point is to wear your furry buddy down, so that she’s too tired to bother with the tree. Give your kitty some of her gifts a little early.

Decorate Wisely

Keep your feline pal in mind as you’re decorating. Put just a few safe, unbreakable ornaments at Fluffy’s eye level. Anything small, sharp, and/or fragile should go on the top part of the tree, as should the majority of the lights and tinsel. These things are definitely not safe for cats!

Go Artificial

Another thing you may want to consider is getting an artificial tree. Fluffy may still bat at the ornaments, but she won’t have much luck climbing it. You also won’t have to worry about your kitty drinking potentially-tainted tree water.

Make Fluffy Reconsider

You should never punish your furry pal from misbehaving. That may just make Fluffy frightened of you, which may only make her act up even more. However, you can make her a bit wary of the tree. Whenever your kitty approaches the tree, do something that will startle and/or annoy her. You can squirt her with water, make a loud noise, or clap your hands. (Activating a singing Santa or snowman may also work.) Chances are, your frisky furball will probably make a beeline to a safe spot to think things over a bit.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Rockwall, TX pet hospital, anytime!