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Creating A Pawesome Yard For Fido

July 1, 2023

Do you have a yard for Fido to chase squirrels around in? It’s great for dogs to have an outdoor area where they can safely run and play outside. Many of our canine pals love being outdoors. Want to really get that tail going? Give your yard a pupgrade! A Heath, TX vet offers some advice on creating the ultimate dog-friendly yard in this article.

Get Good Fencing

First and foremost, you’ll need a good, sturdy fence. If you know or suspect that your pooch may try to dig out, bury chicken wire along the fence line, and weight it down with rocks.

Water Features

Does your furry friend love to swim and splash around? Add a kiddie pool or a sprinkler for Fido to play in.


No matter what you do, make sure your canine buddy always has shade available outdoors. If you don’t have a tree, install a shade canopy for Fido.

Remove Toxic Plants

Fido is very curious, and he also has a very, very healthy appetite. These two things make a dangerous combination! Toxic plants are always a concern. Check around your yard, and make sure you don’t have anything that’s dangerous to Fido. The ASPCA has a great list here.

Section It Up

Do you want to make room for your canine friend and a pool, garden, or play area? Divide your yard up into segments. This can also be a great safety measure, as it can keep Fido from falling into the pool when there’s no one around.

Add A Doghouse

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a doghouse. Getting the right size is crucial. If it’s too big, Fido won’t feel as safe. Too small, and it will be cramped. It should also be raised off the ground enough to keep rain out. However, you don’t want to leave open spaces underneath it.

Customized Pupgrades

You may also want to do a few things that just suit your pup’s personality. Does Fido love chasing tennis balls? Get him an automated ball launcher. If digging is your furry pal’s favorite thing, install a sandbox for him to bury treasure in. Got a super active pooch? You may also want to add some doggy agility ramps.

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