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Signs Your Cat Needs Immediate Care

July 15, 2023

Like many other animals, our feline pals tend to downplay signs of illness or injury as much as possible. This is a common kitty survival instinct. However, while it may be useful in the wild, it can backfire for pets. It’s important to know the warning signs to look for when your kitty is ill. A Heath, TX vet goes over a few of them in this article.

Litterbox Woes

Keep an eye out for changes in the color, texture, consistency, volume, and smell of your cat’s waste. Things should be pretty consistent. Anything out of the ordinary is cause for a call to the veterinary clinic.

Unkempt Fur

Fluffy is in general pretty dedicated to her beauty regime, and will take time out of her busy napping schedule every day to see to her fur. However, if she isn’t feeling well, she may neglect her self-care. It won’t take long for her coat to start looking dull, matted, or greasy.


If you have a scaredy-cat, hiding may not be a sign of medical problems in and of itself. However, if Fluffy is usually friendly and sociable, but has recently taken to withdrawing, there may be something amiss.

Not Eating

We know, our feline overlords can be notoriously fussy. If Fluffy simply disapproves of what you put in her bowl, you’ll probably get an earful. However, a kitty that isn’t interested in food at all may be sick.

Changes In Water Consumption

It’s important to know how much water your furry friend drinks. This can fluctuate a bit: for instance, Fluffy may drink extra water when it’s hot. However, major changes can signify a medical issue.


As we all know, the occasional hairball is more or less ‘purr for the course’ with Fluffy. However, extreme, frequent, bloody, and/or frothy vomit are definitely not normal.

Respiratory Issues

Lung infections can be extremely dangerous to our feline pals, and they can come on very quickly. Gasping, wheezing, and/or panting all warrant emergency veterinary care.

Uncharacteristic Behavior

Watch for changes in Fluffy’s normal demeanor and behavior. Anything that seems off, such as lethargy, uncharacteristic aggression or clinginess, unusual vocalizations, could be a warning sign.

These are just a few potential red flags. If you see any of them, or anything else that seems off, contact us, your Heath, TX pet hospital, immediately.