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Cat Care Mistakes

October 1, 2023

Cats are known for being very easy keepers: making sure that Fluffy has food, water, a clean litterbox, and regular veterinary care will take care of the essentials. However, kitties need more than that to truly thrive and make the most of their lives. A Rockwall, TX vet lists some cat care mistakes in this article.

Letting Fluffy Roam

We know, cats do enjoy the exercise and stimulation that exploring outdoors offers. However, the risks definitely outweigh the benefits in this case. Fluffy is vulnerable to a whole slew of threats in the Great Outdoors, including parasites, weather, cars, wild animals, and, sadly, even humans. Keep your furry pal safe and sound indoors.

Not Offering Stimulation

It’s no secret that cats are very, very sleepy. Fluffy can spend as much as 20 hours a day snoozing, though most furballs settle for a ‘mere’ 14 to 16 hours of shuteye. That still leaves quite a bit of time to fill. Fluffy will get quite unhappy with nothing to do but stare at the walls. Provide toys and kitty furniture for your cute pet to play with and explore, and give her a comfy window seat with a good view.

Lack Of Veterinary Care

First things first: we recommend that all kitties be spayed or neutered, and kept up to date on vaccines and parasite care. Your kitty will also need regular exams and wellness care. Most healthy adult cats only need to come in once a year, but kittens and seniors need more frequent appointments. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for signs of illness or injury. Cats can be pretty secretive, and they often try to mask any indications of sickness. You may not notice anything is off until your feline pal is quite ill.

Punishing Natural Behaviors

Kitties are both predators and prey in the wild, which makes for an interesting mix of characteristics. Fluffy, of course, decided that she prefers being a pampered pet over working for a living, but she still has the instincts of a lion, and is naturally inclined to practice her hunting skills. Kitties are also driven to keep their claws sharp. Don’t punish your pet for these things: instead, encourage better petiquette by offering scratching posts and toys.

Please contact us with questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. As your Rockwall, TX animal hospital, we’re here for you.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? We’re here to help!