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Things We’ll Never Understand About Cats

October 15, 2023

Our feline pals are very cute and lovable pets. They’re also, well, a bit purrplexing. We’ve certainly figured out quite a bit about Fluffy, but there are a few things that still have us collectively scratching our heads. A Rockwall, TX veterinarian lists a few of them in this article.

Box Obsession

Our feline pals are in general quite opinionated, and they don’t necessarily agree on everything. However, one thing these little furballs are pretty unanimous on? Their love of boxes. This is an interesting one because it doesn’t seem to matter how big the box is … or how big the cat is. Lions, tigers, and other big cats also enjoy boxes. They just need bigger ones. Fluffy is also immediately drawn to tiny boxes and sometimes ones that are nothing more than an outline of tape on the floor.  


We know that Fluffy gets her playful and predatory behaviors a bit mixed up sometimes. She may attack her humans for fun, or pounce on a bottlecap for no reason. However, what gets confusing is when kitties change gear rapidly and for no clear reason. She may go from cuddling up to you to biting your hand, or pounce on your toes one minute and curl up in your lap the next … all while looking completely adorable. Love hurts!


Most people think that things like wormholes and teleportation are pure science fiction. We may be inclined to agree … except for cats. Fluffy does have an odd way of popping up in spots where you least expect her. Let’s just say we have our suspicions.

Sleep Habits

Our feline buddies are collectively very, very tired. Fluffy can nap up to 20 hours a day. Is being cute really that exhausting? The official line of thinking is that kitties use tremendous amounts of energy hunting, and just really need to recoup after. However, if that were the case, one would expect every other predator on the planet to spend the majority of their time sleeping. (Spoiler: they don’t.)

Tail Position

Did you know that only domestic cats walk with their tails up? Stray and feral kitties usually let theirs droop. This may very well be the feline equivalent of a vacancy sign at a hotel or a taxicab sign showing availability. However, we’ll probably never know for sure.

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