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Holiday Hazards For Pets

December 1, 2023

The holiday season has officially started. It’s always nice to take some down time and enjoy seasonal events and festivities with our loved ones. Pets definitely count as loved ones! However, unlike most of your in-laws, Fluffy and Fido have a habit of getting into mischief at this time of year. It’s important for pet owners to be aware of some of those hazards. A Rockwall, TX vet lists some of the key ones in that article.


Many seasonal plants are toxic to Fluffy and Fido. Keep mistletoe, poinsettia, holly, ivy, and Peace lilies in spots your four-legged pal can’t reach. Check the ASPCA site here for more information.


Fido and Fluffy are very frisky and playful, and they’re often quite curious about investigating things, to see what they can eat, pounce on, or play with. Keep this in mind as decorating. Put anything small or sharp in spots your pet can’t reach. That includes things like ornaments, ornament hooks, small figurines, and manger pieces.


Candles and fireplaces can add a special cozy glow to any holiday scene. However, they can be a dangerous mix with pets. Keep candles in high, secure spots, and use a grate in front of your fireplace.


Anything with ribbon or string, such as garlands, tinsel, ribbons, and popcorn strands is also unsafe. These present both choking and entanglement hazards for pets. Even worse, they can cause potentially fatal internal injuries if ingested.


The tree itself can also pose a risk. Cats have a tendency to try and scale them. We know, this can be amusing, but it’s also dangerous for both Fluffy and the tree. Put most of the decorations, including anything sharp, shiny, or hazardous, on the top third of the tree. If you have a real tree, be sure to cover the bowl. The water could contain leached chemicals, such as pesticides or fire retardants.


Our furry friends are very emotional, and can get very distressed by commotion and changes. Even decorations may make Fido and Fluffy uneasy. Changes in their schedule and environment can also upset your furry pal. Pay extra attention to your four-legged buddy over the next few months. If they seem extra nervous, ask your vet for advice on pet-calming products. Tiring them out with a fun play session may also help.

All of us here at Pet Doctor, your Rockwall, TX pet hospital, wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to contact us anytime!