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Celebrating Black Cats

October 15, 2022

October is Black Cat Awareness Month! This is one cause that definitely needs some attention. Black cats are not only adorable, they also tend to be super sweet. Unfortunately, they suffer from a bad reputation, due to old superstitions. A Rockwall, TX vet puts Fluffy in the spotlight below.

Benefits Of Black Cats

We of course love all of our feline friends. However, there are some distinct benefits to having a black cat. For one thing, your furry friend will match any outfit or décor. She’ll also always look shiny in photos. And, speaking of photos, you get to take fun void kitty pictures, where only Fluffy’s eyes show. Plus, you can pick a fun name, like Licorice, Midnight, Onyx, or, if you want to be silly, Snowball.


There’s no shortage of myths and superstitions surrounding black kitties. Fluffy was accused of witchcraft back in the medieval age, and hasn’t yet been able to shake the rumors. In fact, about 13 percent of Americans are superstitious about black cats. (It doesn’t help that black cats are still a common motif on Halloween and witchy-themed items.) However, they have garnered a few fans along the way. For instance, one French myth holds that if a black cat has even a single white hair, that kitty will bring good luck. In Germany, it’s considered bad luck if Fluffy crosses your path from right to left. However, if she goes the other way, it’s good luck. (There’s apparently no issue if a black furball is walking directly towards or away from you.)


Halloween is one of the more dangerous holidays for our furry buddies. Black pets are particularly at risk, as they are often targets for pranksters. In fact, many shelters refuse to adopt black cats out around Halloween, for fear of people with cruel intentions. If Fluffy is a void kitty, keep her inside for the next few weeks, especially after dark.

Helping Out

This actually isn’t the only time to appreciate black kitties. August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day. However, these misunderstood furballs really need good PR all year. Of course, there’s one thing they need more than good PR: Loving homes! If you’re ready to adopt a new feline friend, consider getting a black one.

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