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Tabby cat with christmas lights on the background

Catproofing Your Tree

Are you putting a Christmas tree up this year? If you have a kitty, you can probably expect your feline buddy to dial her mischief settings up to 11 as soon as she spots it. We can help! Read on…

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Brownish husky dog sleeping comfortably on the floor with string lights

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Older Pets

Thanksgiving is coming up. While it’s wonderful to gather with our loved ones over a delicious meal, this can be a stressful time for our furry friends, particularly older ones. Fido and Fluffy may need some extra TLC around the…

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Adult dog with a pink scarf

Adopt A Senior Dog Month

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! Older pets often have a very hard time getting adopted, as so many people pass them by for puppies. Giving one of these sweet pups a happy retirement can be extremely fulfilling and…

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Black cat sitting on grass staring blankly far away

Celebrating Black Cats

October is Black Cat Awareness Month! This is one cause that definitely needs some attention. Black cats are not only adorable, they also tend to be super sweet. Unfortunately, they suffer from a bad reputation, due to old superstitions. A…

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Cream-colored dog laying on the floor

Keeping A Senior Dog Healthy

Have you noticed gray fur around your dog’s muzzle? Is Fido officially a senior? Dogs somehow manage to become even cuter as they age. They also tend to become very sweet and affectionate in their golden years. However, Fido will…

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Dog biting a snake

Protecting Your Dog From Rattlesnakes

Did you know that Snakebite Awareness Day is the 19th? That is definitely a relevant topic here in Texas. We have almost a dozen types of poisonous snakes. An encounter with one of these ‘nope ropes’ can be very dangerous…

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