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Adopting A Rescue Cat 

March is Adopt A Rescue Cat Month! We’re always happy to help support rescue cats, and do anything we can to help them find loving homes. In fact, many of our most pampered patients are rescues! A Rockwall, TX vet…

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Reasons To Play With Your Cat

Cats are always cute, but these lovable little balls of fur are never quite as entertaining as when they are hard at play. Your tiny lion is very dedicated to keeping her hunting skills up to par … or up…

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Hiding A Litterbox

Kitties have many charming qualities, but one of the best things about them is the fact that they are so clean. You won’t have to race home to walk your feline buddy after work! However, Fluffy’s personal powder room isn’t…

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Doggy Dental Care

February is Pet Dental Health Month! This is definitely a topic that could use some attention. Just like people, dogs  can develop many different dental issues. These problems are not only very painful and debilitating, they can seriously impact your…

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Bringing Your New Puppy To The Vet

Few things that can bring love and joy into our lives the way a new puppy can. Of course, keeping up with little Fido’s veterinary care needs is crucial to getting him started out on the right paw in life….

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Adorable 2023 Goals for Kittens

Happy New Year! Do you hope to accomplish a lot in the coming year? Your feline friend will be right there with you, cheering you on with meows and head bonks. As it turns out, Fluffy has a few things…

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