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Protecting Your Pet From Ticks

Summer is coming. This time of year can get pretty hot here in the Lone Star State. There are both downsides and benefits to living in warmer climates, for both people and pets. On the one hand, your furry friend…

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Disaster Preparation Tips For Pet Owners

May 8th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. This is definitely something that is worth taking a little time on, and getting prepared in advance, just in case. A Rockwall, TX vet goes over some disaster preparation tips in this…

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Spring With Senior Dogs

Spring has sprung! While we don’t get as many seasonal weather changes as our friends and neighbors up north do, the change in temperature is definitely noticeable. As it starts to get hotter, you’ll want to pay extra attention to…

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Protecting Your Dog From Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes are out and about quite a bit at this time of year. Here in Texas, we have ten different types of rattlesnakes. Because spring is their breeding season, many of them are more active and aggressive than usual at…

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Adopting A Rescue Cat 

March is Adopt A Rescue Cat Month! We’re always happy to help support rescue cats, and do anything we can to help them find loving homes. In fact, many of our most pampered patients are rescues! A Rockwall, TX vet…

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Reasons To Play With Your Cat

Cats are always cute, but these lovable little balls of fur are never quite as entertaining as when they are hard at play. Your tiny lion is very dedicated to keeping her hunting skills up to par … or up…

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