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You Can Catch These Diseases From Your Dog

As you’re probably aware, your dog is susceptible to a variety of diseases and infections. Have you ever wondered whether or not it’s possible to catch any of those illnesses from your pooch? It’s a disturbing thought. And it’s true—it …
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National Garfield Day

June 19th is National Garfield Day! This grouchy orange feline has won the hearts of millions with his sarcastic, unimpressed ‘purrsonality.’ Below, a Heath, TX vet discusses this lasagna-loving furball. …
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Poison Ivy and Pets

For humans, one of the downsides of spending time outside during warm weather is the risk of coming into contact with poison ivy, oak, or sumac. Did you know that these plants can also affect our four-legged companions? While not …
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Preventing Lyme Disease in Dogs

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month! Lyme disease is a serious medical condition that can afflict both people and pets. As you may know, the disease is spread through ticks, which can unfortunately be found all throughout North America. Left …
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