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Blue-Green Algae: A Lurking Danger to Pets

Have you heard of cyanobacteria, and the danger it poses to dogs? Also known as blue-green algae, cyanobacteria is an extremely dangerous algae that typically lives in warm, nutrient-rich water. It can make both people and pets very sick. Blue-green…

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National Dachshund Day

Do you have a Hot Dog? If so, there’s a special day coming up for Fido. National Dachshund Day is June 21st! These long, lovable pooches are quite popular, and they really do make charming little pets. A local vet…

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Introducing a Dog to Your Resident Cat

Are you adopting a dog? Congratulations! Of course, if you already have a cat, your feline friend probably won’t be as enthusiastic as we are. First impressions are a very big deal to pets, so it’s important to handle introductions…

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Meet the Persian

Do you have a Persian kitty? The Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. These adorable kitties really are very sweet and lovable pets! A local veterinarian discusses the Persian below. Temperament Persians are usually…

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Caring for a Brachycephalic Pet

Do you have a brachycephalic pet? Several of our canine companions are brachycephalic. These include the Boston Terriers, Cavalier King Charles, English Mastiffs, Pekineses, Pugs, Bulldogs, and Shih Tzus. As for our feline friends, Persian, Himalayan, and Burmese kitties are…

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The Catahoula Leopard Dog

Did you know that the Catahoula is the Louisiana state dog? This cute pup is a much-beloved member of the AKC herding category. A veterinarian discusses the Catahoula Leopard dog below. History The Catahoula breed originated in Louisiana; around the…

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